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Green Sustainability

Our House endeavors to preserve and to regenerate the environment. We are already implementing the following to achieve green sustainability:

  1.  The waste paper from office and guestrooms will be recycled into recycled paper to be used within the House

  2. The used plastic bottles from office and guestrooms will be recycled into eco-bricks for construction and other practical uses.

  3. Solar energy is applied throughout the Green Terrace by lighting the decorative lamps, floor lamps and overhead lamps to demonstrate the use of free and green energy.

  4. The small scale Organic Farm of the Green Terrace consists of various species of plants and vegetables to demonstrate organic farming. The plants and vegetables are changed according to seasons. The products are used by our Terrace Room Restaurant.

  5. Individual bottles of Shower Gel, Conditioning Shampoo and Hand Wash are replaced by refillable dispensers.

  6. To show our awareness of the imminent need for environmental protection, guests are invited to join us in prayers and action to participate the Wishing Tree activity.